Psalm 110 from The Ailbe Psalter

For Ascension Sunday:

Psalm 110

Tune: Aurelia – “The Church’s One Foundation”

vv. 1-3

“Sit by Me at My right hand,”

The Lord says to my Lord,

“Until I make Your foot stand

On all who hate Your Word.”

From in His Church the Savior

Rules all His enemies;

While those who know His favor

Go forth the Lord to please.

vv. 3, 4

Filled with the Spirit’s power,

In holy robes of love,

From early morning’s hour

They serve their Lord above.

Christ reigns a priest forever,

The King of Righteousness

And King of Peace who ever

His chosen ones will bless.

vv. 5-7

The Lord at Your right hand, Lord,

In wrath shall shatter kings,

When judgment by His strong Word

He to the nations brings.

Then, all His foes defeated,

He takes His hard-won rest,

In glorious triumph seated

With us, redeemed and blest!

From The Ailbe Psalter


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