The Answer To “WWJD?” Is The Church

What DID Jesus do? and What IS Jesus doing? and What WILL Jesus do? are all more primary questions than What WOULD Jesus do? because they are the questions the Bible answers.  The Bible answers the WWJD? question, too, but it answers it by describing the Church.  Luke said that his gospel account was “what Jesus began to do and teach,” so the Acts of the Apostles must be about what Jesus would continue to do through the Church.  The answer to WWJD? is the Church.

Because the Church is the continuing bodily presence of Jesus on earth, What WOULD Jesus do? is answered when His Body lives by faith in what Jesus did, is doing, and will do, and expresses that faith in love for God and others (Galatians 5:6b).

The answers to the first three questions are the indicatives (“Just as I have loved you . . .”) the Spirit ignites with the  faith and hope that enable God’s people to obey His imperative to love (“. . . you also are to love one another.” John 13:34).  This is why every letter of the New Testament proclaims the indicatives of the gospel before or while it prescribes the imperatives of loving God and others.

We will do what Jesus would do when we individually and corporately rely by faith on what He did in His life, death, and resurrection, what He’s doing at the right hand of the Father, and by hope in what He will do when He comes again.


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