WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by. I am an occasional blogger who is learning (slowly!) what it means to live a cross-shaped life. The aim of this blog is to write posts and point to resources that educate, encourage, and equip God’s people to be and to make cross-shaped disciples of Jesus Christ.

23316812_10159786300000724_7392086068910917313_nMy name is Jimmy
, and I love being married to Christine, with whom I share the adventure of raising three great kids, and our cool canines, Charlie and Chloe. I earned a B. A. in Bible/Christian Education from Bryan College, then earned both the M. A. in Christian Education and M. A. in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.  I’m an ordained teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America serving the good folks at Mountain Fellowship in beautiful Signal Mountain, TN. In over 25 years of ministry I have served as a pastor to youth and college students, a youth-ministry consultant, a church planter, a pastor of discipleship, and have taught Bible courses on the high school and college levels. I also served for a few years as a staff writer and associate editor of the Colson Center’s Worldview Church Website, and I occasionally share some thoughts and resources here at The Cruciform Life Blog. In 2011 I had the privilege of writing Cruciform: Living the Cross-Shaped Life.

Here’s a summary of who I believe the Bible tells me I am as a cross-shaped disciple of Jesus:

I was created and redeemed to fill up by FAITH in all that Jesus is for me in the gospel (Galatians 2:20), to hunger and thirst with HOPE for all that Jesus will be for me forever (Psalm 16:11, Titus 2:11–14), and to overflow with LOVE for God and people in a local place by the power of Jesus’ Spirit (Galatians 5:6b, John 7:37–39a).

The late Jack Miller summed it up like this: “The normal Christian is one whose life is thirsting for Jesus, drinking of Jesus, overflowing with Jesus.”  (Jack Miller)

Oh, how I long to be a normal Christian! Don’t you?

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  1. Just stumbled onto your blog. I like your focus on being Gospel-centered. Your diagram of the in the link above What is a Cruciform life? is very informative. Keep up the insightful posts.

  2. Ron: Thanks for stopping by! Yes, it seems we have some common themes. I don’t have any resources on the situation in Israel to suggest…not my area of expertise. I look forward to checking out your stuff.

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  5. Hey Dad!! Just thought I’d say that you are awesome just like me except that I’m just a little more awesome… JK :)Anyone who doesn’t think you’re cool has some serious mental problems. “And by the way I just have to say, thank the Lord I’m not going bald!” :0

    I still love you though Mr.Baldo 🙂

    Love your most favorite person to ever set foot on earth, the worlds biggest Harry potter fan, the most awesome middle schooler ever, the best clarinet player, and your oldest daughter….

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