A New Co-Blogger At The Cruciform Life

I am pleased to announce that The Cruciform Life Blog has a new partner!  I have asked my good friend Steve Williamson to join me on this cross-shaped blogging adventure.  You can read his bio on our “About This Blog” page, but I’d like to introduce him briefly to you here.

You will learn over the next weeks and months that one of the reasons I’ve asked Steve to join me in this effort is because he is a gifted communicator of biblical truth. I have been encouraged and challenged by his clear and creative teaching and preaching of God’s Word, and I trust you will be too.

Another reason I wanted to enlist Steve into this cruciform fellowship is because of his heart for the next generation.  Steve has spent the last 20 years discipling, coaching, and teaching teenagers and young adults.  His passion for passing the cross-shaped life on to the next generation and his willingness to sacrifice for the sake of that calling reminds me of Jesus.

But my main motivation for inviting Steve to join in this venture is because he lives the cruciform life.  He is a man who is being “shaped by the cross into the shape of the cross.”  He is a gospel-driven man whose vertical love for God and horizontal love for people display the glory of the gospel to his world.  I’m blessed to be one those in his world who see the gospel shine in him.

So, stay tuned for original material, book reviews, quotes, and Bible teaching from my friend Steve.  Also, keep an eye out for links to his sermons that will soon appear in the sidebar.  He is quite the preacher!


3 thoughts on “A New Co-Blogger At The Cruciform Life

  1. I am so happy to hear Steve will be writing things too. The Lord has used Steve’s teaching and preaching to convict, challenge, teach a new way of seeing a truth and be inspired from the Word of God. You are correct, he is a gifted teacher and preacher, so happy he is an elder in our church. Donna

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