I Am Yours. Save Me!

“I am Yours. Save me!” – Psalm 119:94a

One of my favorite and most often prayed prayers is from the first part of Psalm 119:94: “I am Yours. Save me!”

I learned it from a scene in the 2003 movie Luther, starring Joseph Fiennes as the young monk, Martin Luther. Luther was tormented by his own sinfulness and his inability to trust God loved him. In the movie, Luther’s friend and mentor, Staupitz, taught him to pray Psalm 119:94. I don’t know if this conversation actually happened, but the movie is trying to portray Luther’s real life struggle to trust the love of God. Whether the conversation actually happened doesn’t take away the power of this biblical prayer.

Stauptiz: “Martin, what is it you seek?”
Luther: “A merciful God: A God whom I can love. A God who loves me.”
Stauptiz: “Then look to Christ. Bind yourself to Christ and you will know God’s love. Say to Him, “I’m yours. Save me.””
Luther: “I am yours. Save me. I am yours. Save me. I am yours. Save me!”

If you are stuck today, wondering how you’re going to make it through, how you’re going to do what God has put in front of you, and whether He is truly with you and will work in you, then look to Christ, cling to and cry out to Jesus. Simply say, “I am Yours. Save me!” Say it to Him as often as you need to.

Remind God (and mostly yourself) that you are His and that He alone can save you.

“I am Yours. You wanted me. You chose me from before the foundation of the world. You bought me with Your own blood. You came into the world to save sinners, including me.

You have saved me through Jesus by Your Spirit, now save me again: from my fears, from my self-reliance, from my enemies, from my unbelief, from these burdens that seem impossible to bear. Save me from what I can’t see, from all the things only You know I need saving from. Save me to Yourself, to Your care, to Your arms, to Your purpose for me, to whatever You have for me to be and do today in Your strength.

I am Yours! Save me!

Whatever the day brings you, friend, hold on to Christ and hope in Him with a heart that cries, “I am Yours. Save me!”

I am His,

Jimmy D.

One thought on “I Am Yours. Save Me!

  1. Wonderful, wonderful!! All of who God is for us in Christ Jesus is awesome in majesty and power and compassion!!!!

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