Blog Archives 2012 | Dust and Ashes

A poem/song for Lent . . .

I am dust
I am ashes
I am full of life
I am full of passion

I am feeble
I am frail
I can’t help but live behind this human veil

I am sin
Yet You show me
That You want to love me, want to know me
Just as I am . . . dust and ashes
I am only dust and I am ashes

I Am . . . in dust
I Am . . . in ashes
To fill me with His life and with His passion
He was feeble
He was frail
He was moved by love to wear this human veil

Became sin
Just to show me
That He would make me righteous for His glory
Just as I Am . . . in dust and ashes
A Treasure in this jar of dust and ashes

– Jimmy Davis, Ash Wednesday, 2012

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