Living Story Website and Book

I’m pleased to announce a brand new website and (soon) a brand new book from my friend Elizabeth Turnage!

Living Story is a gospel-soaked ministry of conferences, curriculum, community, and coaching endorsed by folks like Scotty Smith (Christ Community Church, Franklin, TN) and Dr. Dan Allender (president of Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle).  And Elizabeth’s first book, the first in series of Bible studies for individuals and small groups called Learning God’s Story of Grace (Living Story Series, Part One), is due to be published this year by P & R Publishing.  In this book, she’ll teach you how to understand your story of grace in light of God’s big Story of grace as its told in the Bible.

My wife has been personally impacted by Elizabeth’s friendship, prayers, coaching, and women’s retreats.  I have been blessed by Elizabeth’s friendship, prayers, and fun conversations about the gospel and writing about the gospel.  And we love that Turnage family!  But, since you may not know Pensacola’s best kept secret as well as we do, I’ll share this bit from her sharp looking new website (go there and look around!).

Why did you found Living Story?

“It is like a fire within my bones; I cannot hold in…”  Jeremiah’s words describe what I feel…

Living Story: My passion for broken people is borne out of my own broken story. I begin telling my story with “When I was 7, my parents got divorced.” In that moment, my secure world was deconstructed, and I began to find ways to bring security and significance to my life. Many of those ways ultimately became idols that I relied on and fed to make my world work. Graciously, God has entered my falsely constructed worlds to draw me back to him.

Calling to the Abused: Out of the woundedness of my story developed a calling to those who have lived stories of abuse and abandonment.

Calling to real people: We all struggle with life in a fallen world. For too many years, I labored to become a model Christian, and God graciously allowed me to wear myself out. Now I can share the news of gospel freedom and hope with men and women who can’t seem to pull off the perfect Christian pose.

The common thread in all of my stories is that I am made for beauty, fallen in sin, and redeemed for glory. I need to know the transforming work of the gospel in my life every day. That is the only story worth living. It is also a story worth telling, and I want to tell it to people in a way that they will learn it, live it, and love it as much as I do. That’s what Living Story is all about.


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