T. M. Moore Asks “Where Are The Disciples?”

A great start to what promises to be a provocative series on the need for true discipleship in the American church:

Looking at the vast array of Christian educational activities available through churches and other Christian entities, and the large number of people regularly engaged in these activities, one might be tempted to conclude that the Church in America is serious about discipleship.

That would be a conclusion difficult to support on Biblical grounds . . .

Our Christian educational activities may be unprecedented in their scope, but they are unimpressive in their results. And, to date, the leaders of the Christian education enterprise in America seem either unaware or unconcernedabout the state of learning in the American Church – an observation confirmed by the fact that every year educators continue to offer more and more of the same old same, with little sense of a need for change in what we’re doing or the way we’re doing it.

But as a Church, American Christians are not learning Jesus; we are not making disciples according to the mandate of our Savior or the example of our forebears.

Read the first article in T. M. Moore‘s 6 part series:  “Discipleship Without Learning”


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