Cruciform Press Is Coming Soon

There’s always room for another trustworthy publisher of Christian living books from a Gospel-centered, Reformed perspective.  I’m especially pleased to announce this one because I share with them a love for the cruciform (cross-shaped)  life.

Cruciform Press is a brand new publishing venture launched by Tim Challies, Kevin Meath, and Bob Bevere.  CP seeks to open new doors to the Christian publishing world by offering:

  • Books of 10,000 to 25,000 words
  • Print-on-demand, e-book, audiobook
  • A new book published the first of every month

I’m encouraged that Cruciform Press is opening the publishing door a little wider so that new and unknown writers may sit at the table alongside established authors.  With Challies’ discernment and built-in market, Meath’s impressive editorial resume, and Bevington’s writing experience (with authors like Jerry Bridges), Cruciform Press promises to offer a fresh new line up of resources for living the cross shaped life.

If you’d like to keep tabs on the team, you can sign up to receive their first newsletter, hot off the Cruciform Press, by filling out the form at their temporary website,

This first newsletter includes an excerpt from their soon-to-be-released first book, Sexual Detox: A Guide for Guys. “This popular ebook by Tim Challies has been extensively reworked for release by Cruciform.”  Here’s an excerpt from the newsletter:

In this book I hope to help you reorient your understanding of sex, both in the big picture and in the act itself, according to God’s plan for this great gift. I want to help you detox from all the junk you’ve seen, all the lies you’ve believed. This is not an easy process. It is rarely a quick process. It involves a letting go of old realities and an embrace of a new normal, the original normal. To be willing to go through it you need to see how bad your current situation really is, and how the path you are on leads no place good. You need to see that the path of porn leads only to more isolation, guilt, alienation, and pain. Whether you are single or married, such a reset to normal is the only thing that can ever equip you to become a pure, loving, attentive, sacrificial husband.

Sign up for the newsletter today, follow them on Twitter at @CruciformPress, and help spread the word about new resources that will encourage and equip you to live a cross shaped life!

[NOTE:  We have no official relationship with Cruciform Press.  We just share the name Cruciform and a passion for cross-shaped discipleship!]


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