The Bible as Drama, Doctrine, and Directions

Part Two of my series of articles about the Bible is now published at the Worldview Church Website.

Here’s an excerpt:

But I can and must live in God’s Story, and He has provided in His book a number of directions for how to do that.  Paul David Tripp explains:

The way the Bible is organized is that the main body of the content is the unfolding drama of the story of redemption. But . . . it is a story with notes. On one side of the narrative are propositions. In the propositions, the great themes of the story are distilled down into universal truth statements. The purpose of these statements is to help you understand the plot of the story.  On the other side of the narrative are principles. The principles apply the story to the situations and relationships of everyday life. The purpose of the principles is to help you know what it looks like to live within the plot of God’s story.

This is where it all began to fall together for me.  The Bible is a drama that also has notes of doctrine (what Tripp calls “propositions”)  that help usinterpret the Story and notes of direction (what Tripp calls “principles”) that help us get involved in the Story.


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