The Bible: What Is It and What Do We Do With It?

What is the Bible? is the question the people in our pews (or the folks in our folding chairs) are asking themselves but are hesitant to ask to their pastors and Bible teachers.  They know that God has provided His Word as heavenly food for daily consumption, but morning by morning, as folks wake up to find God’s Word sitting on the chair-side table covered with dust, they wonder:  What is it? and What do we do with it? As preachers and teachers of the Word of God, we must help our listeners understand what sort of book the Bible is and what purpose it serves in the life of God’s people.

I (Jimmy D.) have just begun a new series of articles at the Worldview Church Website about the Bible.  Part One is posted: “Is the Bible a Theology Book, Story Book, or Guide Book?” Part Two will be posted later this week.


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