Living Your Story In Light Of God’s Story

Our friend Elizabeth Turnage has written a two-part article series, “Living Your Story In Light of God’s Story” for the Worldview Church website.

Part One:  “How The Christian Worldview Nurtures Faith, Hope, and Love”

A Gospel-centric worldview is based on our belief that Jesus is that conquering King.  This worldview calls us to serve him by living our stories with increased faith, enlarged hope, and inflamed love.  Let’s first consider what it means to live in faith, hope, and love.  Then, in our next installment, we will look at three stories of how remembering the grand narrative of redemptive history affects living a Gospel-centric life.

Part Two: “Three Stories”

The Bible recounts numerous stories of individuals called to remember their core narrative in order to live well in the struggle of faith, hope, and love.  Mary, the mother of Jesus, provides one such example.

What might living out of a Gospel-centric worldview look like for ordinary people?  Listen to this story of a man who refuses to let a racist worldview dictate how he lives his story.

Elizabeth Turnage, author, speaker, and story consultant, founded Living Story to help people learn, live, and love the grand gospel narrative.  She blogs daily, and you can follow her on Twitter at livingstoryet or on Facebook at Living Story.


One thought on “Living Your Story In Light Of God’s Story

  1. Sitting in a mall working with a guy brainstorming to get a webpage set up. I have written a Bible study (?s) of the 39 miracles of Jesus. And we’re just kicking words around to see how we can attract the non-christian. So thank you. Let’s keep in touch

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