The Fruit of the Spirit is Cruciform Love

For Pentecost Sunday 2010:

When the Spirit pours out the love of God into the hearts of His people, that love fills them until they overflow with love back to God and out to their neighbors, the nations, and the next generation.  When the rivers of living water surge from the soul of one who embraces Jesus as its only satisfaction, the spray of love is both vertical in passion for God and horizontal in compassion for people, thus taking the shape of the cross (John 7:37-39, Galatians 5:6, 1 John 4:19).  The love the Spirit produces is shaped by the cross and into the shape of the cross.  The fruit of the Spirit is cruciform love (Galatians 5:22-23).

Since that first Pentecost Sunday, the Spirit has filled His church until it overflows with love back to God and out to the world.

“In the Great Awakening the outpouring of the Holy Spirit produced not only an illuminated vision of God, but also a passionate concern for other human beings.  This is quite natural.  For we cannot love God unless through the Spirit’s work we are swept into the flow of his love as it moves through us and back to himself.  And as it moves through us it flows outward also to embrace his creation.  The same love that binds us to God binds us to our neighbor.  True spirituality cannot divorce the one from the other.”

~ Richard Lovelace in Renewal As A Way of Life: A Guidebook for Spiritual Growth, page 37.

Oh Spirit of the Living God, fall on us and fill us until we become a cross shaped people who display the glory of Your gospel in the places You have put us.


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