A Crucial Part of the Gospel Story: Jesus Ascended

In honor of Ascension Day . . .

“Yet in a time when the western church is fiercely debating the uniqueness of Jesus and our people are drowning in the flood of busy, demanding lifestyles, the ascension is an absolutely crucial part of the gospel story to recover . . .

. . . the doctrine of the ascension dynamically draws our attention to the full range of the present work of Christ.  It lifts our eyes and hearts to watch for his promised return.  So the ascension changes the way we understand our place in this world.   We belong to Jesus Christ who is in heaven.  Our true home is there, not here . . .

. . . The church of Jesus Christ, then, is called out of the world in order to lay her life down for the world.  We draw apart from the world in its insistence on self-sufficiency.  Yet we return to that very world with the offer of the love of the gospel.  Our mission is properly defined by the ascended, reigning, and returning Jesus.

(Gerrit Scott Dawson in Jesus Ascended, pp. 3 and 9)


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