Are You A Spiritual Plagiarist?

Steve Williamson has written another outstanding article for the Worldview Church website.  Here is an excerpt of “Are You A Spiritual Plagiarist?”:

There is another type of plagiarism that I will call spiritual plagiarism.  If plagiarism is borrowed mind, then spiritual plagiarism is borrowed soul.  As with any instance of suspected plagiarism, the case must first be made of it.  The harm of the offense has to be demonstrated by showing the casualties of the offense.  In addition, for the health of the offender and the casualties, a remedy needs to be applied.  These I hope to do in the lines that follow . . .


One thought on “Are You A Spiritual Plagiarist?

  1. “Hence, for those whose soul is hungering and thirsting after righteousness, a spiritually plagiarized sermon fails to feed and quench.”

    How true! We “worship” at a church with a preacher like this. Once the singing is over, the drudgery begins. Great concepts but the preacher doesn’t get or live them. (There is a curse of knowing too much about a church, it seems to me.) It is a spiritual McDonald’s–all the pretense of food but none of the satisfaction and, in the case of these sermons, no challenge and no spirit.

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