Don’t weep for Dido

What indeed can be more pitiful than a wretch with no pity for himself, weeping at the death of Dido, which was caused by love for Aeneas, and not weeping at his own death, caused by lack of love for you, God, light of my heart, bread of the inner mouth of my soul, strength of my mind, and quickness of my thoughts?  You I did not love.  Against you I committed fornication, and in my fornication I heard all around me, ‘Well done!’  For the love of this world is fornication against Thee and when one hears the words: ‘Well done!  Well done!’ they have the effect of making one ashamed not to be that sort of person.  But this is not what I wept for…I wept for Dido…

~ Augustine, The Confessions

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