Is God’s Law Still Binding On Christians?

“Is the law still binding on the Christian? The answer to that is “No!” and ‘Yes!’

‘No’ in the sense that our acceptance before God does not depend on it. Christ in his death fully met the demands of the law, so we are delivered from it [as a means of salvation]. It no longer has any claims on us [to condemn us for sin]. It is no longer our lord.

‘Yes’ in the sense… we still serve… But the motive and means of our service have altered. Why do we serve? Not because the law is our master and we have to, but because Christ is our husband and we want to. Not because obedience to the law leads to salvation, but because salvation leads to obedience to the law. The law says, ‘Do this and you will live’. The gospel says, ‘You live, so do this.’

How do we serve? Not in oldness of letter, but in the newness of spirit. That is, not by obedience to an external code, but by surrender to an indwelling Spirit.”

– John Stott, Men Made New as quoted in Tim Keller/Redeemer Presbyterian’s The Message of Romans Leader’s Guide commenting on Romans 7:6


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