Thank God For An Antidote To Idolatry

Jimmy’s latest article, “Thank God for an Antidote to Idolatry” is live at the Worldview Church website.  Here’s a taste:

What are the top three sins you preach against or hear denounced from pulpits?  Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll?  Alcohol, abortion, affluence?  Homosexuality, healthcare reform, HBO?  It seems to me those are some of the favorite targets, the “go-to” transgressions we preachers have on standby to sprinkle into our sin-bashing sermons.  I’m not suggesting these are iniquities to be ignored.  Paul mentions many of them in one of his “top sins” lists (Romans 1:26-32).  But I don’t think they’re worthy of the top three list.  To preach only against these sins is to leave most folks feeling pretty good about themselves and therefore with no sense of their need for the gospel.

How about this top three sins list: worship-less, thank-less, idolatrous? . . . [read the rest of the article]


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