Knowing, Hearing, and Joining God’s Story

The more deeply you understand and enter the story told in the Bible, the more you hear a story of love unmatched in all of history, in all literature and film.  It portrays a kind of love that Shakespeare could not imagine, a pure love that Hollywood’s best imitation badly mangles.

Our lives–yours and mine– are part of the story, either as little villains or as little heroes.  There is a supervillain, the source of evil, and one Supreme Hero, the source of all goodness.  We never play more than a bit part, but the part we play matters.  It matters greatly.  It therefore matters that we get the story straight, that we grasp its plot so that we can flow with, not against, its current.

After forty years of counseling (and more of trying to get my own life sorted out), I am persuaded that the best thing I can do for people who are struggling with life and for those who are complacent and prematurely happy is to tell the story of God as best I can.  The key to living the good life that is available now is to join God’s story, to see life as He sees it and learn to live it as He wants it lived.

But first we must know it.  We must together hear it, told not by me or by any other human but by God Himself.  We need to hear the Master Storyteller tell His story.  And that means reading the Bible and listening as the storyline unfolds and develops in all sixty-six chapters . . .

. . . It is a story that will take you further down than you ever wanted to go and lift you higher than you ever imagined you could travel.  It is a story that provides the power not to give you everything you want in this world but to transform the little story of your life in this world into part of a meaningful and wonderfully, larger story that is the only one worth telling now while you wait for the satisfaction of every desire in the next world when you meet the Storyteller.

~ Larry Crabb, 66 Love Letters: A Conversation with God that Invites You Into His Story (pp. xxvii, xxix, bold emphases mine)


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