The Questions God Answers

From my friend Elizabeth Turnage at Living Story:

. . . as conflicts introduce uncertainty into our story (job loss, health concerns, prodigal child, etc), we have questions for God.  Our questions seem to run along the line of:

What-if…(I never get a new job?)”

Why…(did my son’s friend die so suddenly?)” and

How long…(until my child returns home?)”.

And yet, it seems that God does not answer these questions of the heart as much as he raises and answers other core questions.  God tells us:

What…”:  the marvelous deeds and glorious wonders of his redemption — just think Adam and Eve in the garden after their sin, or the Israelites in the wilderness, or indeed, Christ RAISED FROM THE DEAD!

Who…”:  God is — magnificent and mighty, holy and gracious, tender and strong, compassionate and ever-pursuing.

How much…”:  how much He loves us.  Can you really turn a page of the grand narrative of Scripture without seeing God’s love for you written on every page . . . Romans 8:38 — “For I am persuaded…that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor heights nor depths nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord!” In other words, take any circumstance in your life that you have a “what-if,” “why” or “how long” question about and put it in this long list and you’ll still come out with NOTHING can separate you from the enduring, indestructible love God has for you.  NOTHING.

I’ll end with this great quote from Michael Card I found as I was researching this topic…

“We think we need answers from God for life’s struggles,” says Michael.  “But in actuality, we just need Him.  The answer is His presence. God moved off the throne to meet Job face to face, just like Jesus left heaven and came here to feel our pain.”  Michael Card, in interview about A Sacred Sorrow.


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