Cruciform Quotes (2.26.10)

I knew a man who prayed through the entire book of Psalms every week.  On Fridays he prayed through the “Messianic” psalms, those that are more obviously focused on Jesus the Suffering Son and Servant of God (Psalm 22 for example).  He explained that he likes to remember Friday as the day Jesus was crucified for us.

Here at The Cruciform Life Blog we’d like to begin a new Friday focus:  cross-shaped quotes.  As we find quotes that focus on the gospel and its transforming power, we will collect them here on Fridays.  We hope these messages of the cross of Christ will encourage you (along with us) to be “shaped by the cross into the shape of the cross.”

The Gospel Is For Christians

There is nothing in us or done by us, at any stage of our earthly development, because of which we are acceptable to God. We must always be accepted for Christ’s sake, or we cannot ever be accepted at all. This is not true of us only when we believe. It is just as true after we have believed. It will continue to be trust as long as we live. Our need of Christ does not cease with our believing; nor does the nature of our relation to Him or to God through Him ever alter, no matter what our attainments in Christian graces or our achievements in behavior may be. It is always on His “blood and righteousness” alone that we can rest.

B. B. Warfield

[HT:  Tullian Tchividjian]

How To Live Like Christ

“It is no good giving me a play like Hamlet or King Lear, and telling me to write a play like that. Shakespeare could do it — I can’t. And it is no good showing me a life like the life of Jesus and telling me to live a life like that. Jesus could do it — I can’t. But if the genius of Shakespeare could come and live in me, then I could write plays like this. And if the Spirit could come into me, then I could live a life like his.”

William Temple

[HT:  Of First Importance]

Married Rather Than Crushed

“The gospel is the story of God covering his naked enemies, bringing them to the wedding feast, and then marrying them rather than crushing them.”

Ed Welch, When People Are Big and God is Small (Phillipsburg, NJ: P & R Publishing, 1997), 34.

[HT:  Of First Importance]

Foolishness Of The Cross

“Imagine being asked to stand before a grand gathering of the good and the wise and being asked to make a speech about goodness, beauty, the meaning of life, the point of history, the nature of Almighty God or some such high subject and having no material at your disposal but an account of a humiliating, bloody, execution at a garbage dump outside a rebellious city in the Middle East. It is your task to argue that this story is the key to everything in life and to all that we know about God. This was precisely the position of Paul in Corinth. Before the populace of this cosmopolitan, sophisticated city of the Empire, Paul had to proclaim that this whipped, bloody, scorned and derided Jew from Nazareth who was God with Us.”

William Willimon

[HT:  Transforming Sermons]


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