Prayer: Relate and then Request

“For years, I’ve prayed as if the real purpose of prayer were to get the things I want from God. And I thought those things were the obvious blessings of life, the things we all want that make our lives happier, more meaningful and satisfying.

But I’m coming to see that what I most want is Him. I want to know Him, trust Him, hear His voice, and experience His power to live they way He tells me to, whether things go my way or not.  That, I’m discovering, gives me a kind of solid joy nothing else provides . . .

. . . And I’m coming to see that [relational prayer] belongs in the exact center of my prayer life–for that matter, in the center of my entire spiritual journey.  Nothing has relieved my confusion over unanswered prayer requests more than the realization that relational prayer must always come before petitionary prayer.  Relate and then request. Enjoy God and then enjoy His provisions, whatever they are.”

~ Larry Crabb in The PAPA Prayer, pp. xix and 10.


2 thoughts on “Prayer: Relate and then Request

  1. Hey Brother,
    You keep posting good quotes and my wife’s gonna hunt you down. No more shelf space and stacks of books laying around the house makes her cranky. I’m blaming you for it!

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