Depravity In Pop Music

I’ve written an article for the brand new Worldview Church Website that describes how some Christian musicians are finding creative ways to promote the biblical worldview in mainstream popular culture.

I’ll give you an excerpt here, but go to the site to read the whole piece and to find out why one commenter thinks I’m a “critical jerk.”

I’ve noticed quite a bit of depravity in pop music lately, but not the kind you might expect. Sure, Katy Perry recently sang about kissing girls and liking it.  Yes, Britney Spears’ chart-topper “3” is be-bopping the normalcy of sexual threesomes into the mainstream.  We could go on and on about the sad exhibition of depravity in today’s music, but I’m encouraged by Christian artists who are subtly espousing a biblical view of fallen human nature in their music.


2 thoughts on “Depravity In Pop Music

  1. Great article Jimmy. Groups like Switchfoot, in depicting the results of the fall without glorifying the fallen life provide the social commentary for our age in the market place. In previous generations, poetry and novel were the mediums for social/spiritual commentary outside the church. Today, we write songs and make movies. If nothing else, they alert us that everyone in the “world” does not see it with rose-colored glasses.

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