Preaching With A Redemptive Focus

Christ-centered preaching is not merely evangelistic, nor is it confined to a few gospel accounts. It perceives the whole of Scripture as revelatory of God’s redemptive plan and sees every passage within this context—a pattern Jesus himself introduced (Luke 24:27) . . .

Without a redemptive focus, we may believe we have exegeted Scripture when in fact we have simply translated its parts and parsed its pieces without reference to the role they have in God’s eternal plan. John Calvin said, “God has ordained his Word as the instrument by which Jesus Christ, with all His graces, is dispensed to us.” No such process occurs when passages of the Word are ripped from their redemptive context and are seen as mere moral examples and behavioral guidelines.

~ Bryan Chapell in Christ-centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon, pg. 40 (bold emphasis mine)


2 thoughts on “Preaching With A Redemptive Focus

  1. Great post Jimmy. Dr. John Hannah said it well:
    I think that evangelical preaching today is baptized morality. And it’s good, but morality will damn your soul if it doesn’t have an object. Morality preached apart from the gospel is no gospel. Law and grace must always be put together. We seem to prefer to help people next week instead of forever. My goal is not to have a better existence, but to have a better eternity. By preaching a better eternity, they may have a better existence. But I don’t confuse the two. Don’t confuse cause and effect. If I preach cause, I’ll get effect. But if I preach effect, I won’t get cause.

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