Follow Your Calling Not Your Dreams

You Can Be Anything You Want To Be – Generation Me, Chapter 3

This generation has been told their entire lives, “You can be whatever you want to be” and “Nothing is impossible.”…or “Follow your dreams!”

GenMe believes the following to be true and essential:

  1. I must follow my dreams and fulfill myself.
  2. I should be famous. (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and uh…um…blogs)
  3. I must first love myself before I can love others.
  4. Wealth should come easy.  My first job should really be a “position.”
  5. Image is everything so I will mark my body with tattoos, piercings, and “God knows what.”

“’Follow your dreams’ sounds like a good principle, until you realize that every waiter in L.A. is following his or her dream of becoming an actor, and most of them won’t succeed.  Most people are not going to realize their dreams, because most people do not dream of becoming accountants, social workers, or trash collectors – just to name three jobs that society can’t do without but nevertheless factor into few childhood fantasies” (p.82).

“It is fine for children to be encouraged to try many different things and be praised for doing well.  It’s also great that young people have been taught not to limit their career choices based on their sex or race; this was the original intent behind ‘you can be anything.’  Sooner or later, however, everyone has to face reality and evaluate his or her abilities.  It is good for young people to believe that they can succeed, but only if they have the tools to do so”  (p.102).

In truth, we are not “free” to become whatever we want to be.  The irony of  living out this lie is the resulting bondage. As one author noted, “In our society many people have worked extremely hard to pursue careers that pay well rather than fit their talents and interests.  Such careers are straight-jackets that in the long run stifle and dehumanize us.” Better would be the truth that you will find more joy when you do what God has deigned you to do than you will in pursuing something you are not. This is the Biblical idea of “calling.”

Parents, college students, and teens: Before you drop 140K and devote 4-5 years of your life or your child’s life to a degree program please poke around at FOLLOWYOURCALLING.  While there, be sure and look at the sample assessment under “The Call.”


5 thoughts on “Follow Your Calling Not Your Dreams

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  2. I don’t totally agree–because I think often God gives you your dreams because he puts the desires in your heart–ocassionally someone may be off who thinks he can see when he can’t but I think doing what we love we are ususally good at and that is the same as your calling/your dream–too many people think it’s self-centered sure to want to be famous is kind of dumb–but not following your dreams and you do have to love yourself–how can you give from an empty cup?? You have to accept the love God has for you through other Christians and then you will be able to give—

    • Emma: Thanks for stopping by. I would encourage you to talk to your pastor and/or look at various seminaries or Christian colleges online to explore what options are available for you. If you are attending a church that is part of a denomination you might want to ask someone from the main office there.

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