Colson Center Announces Worldview Church Website

The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview has announced the launch of  the Worldview Church Website.

Our mission is to provide catalytic resources for you, pastors and church leaders, to equip your congregation toward effectiveness in Kingdom focused cultural engagement.

At the new Worldview Church Website you will find:

  • Columns written by fellow pastors attuned to your common questions and weekly ministry tasks.
  • Book excerpts that will give you a preview of recommended resources as well as reviews of both Christian classics and recent works we believe will stretch your thinking and strengthen your ministry.
  • Training Webinars for pastors.
  • A free and immediately downloadable collection of featured articles chosen by the Worldview Church development team for each one’s strategy value to pastoral ministry.
  • An extensive collection of archived articles on a wide range of subjects accessible through our searchable database.
  • Regularly updated content including internet radio broadcasts as well as pod and web casts on subjects relevant to Kingdom issues today, all from the timeless biblical perspective.
  • Online discussion threads and links to valuable Hot Blogs and equipping websites that will respond to your specific ministry information needs.

Many voices articulate versions of a worldview, some of which fall outside the bounds of biblical orthodoxy. While there are emerging trends that draw our concern, the Colson Center will promote a carefully screened wealth of resources to help you in your equipping ministry.

Our weekly E-Newsletter, Ekklesia, will provide you with a quick overview of the current week’s content.

Please forward this blog post to your ministry friends, inviting them to visit the Worldview Church website, join the discussion, and register for the weekly newsletter.


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