Little Hearts

(For Sanctity of Life Sunday)

Little eyes of blue and locks of gold

Who would ever know that her home was cold?

Daddy’s gone and Mommy just cries

What is the truth when you’ve grown up with lies?

“Daddy, Daddy, come home tonight

What do you see in that other lady?

Mommy, Mommy, hold me tight

Will your love be yes, no, or maybe?

Will somebody love me? ‘Cause I can’t find it here

I’m surrounded by this uncommon fear:

Who’s gonna love little hearts?

‘Cause little hearts have great big hurts.”

A little boy is bruised, both his head and his heart

Where will it end? Why did it ever start?

Alone in a corner, uncovered and cold

No excuse for abuse of the body and soul

“Daddy, Daddy, why do you fight?

And why do you drink away your life?

Mommy, Mommy, why do you cry

for your battered son when you’re a battered wife?

Will somebody hold me? ‘Cause I won’t be held here

Except by this uncommon fear:

Who’s gonna love little hearts?

‘Cause they’re the ones that hurt the worst.”

Sixteen years old, a child carries her own

The boy she loved has left her all alone

She’s made her choice, but the baby she’ll lose

Never has a voice, nor a chance to choose

“Daddy, Daddy, why do you run?

Do you understand the damage you’ve done?

Mommy, Mommy, somebody cares,

And there’s a good home for me out there.

Somebody will love me. Someone has room.

Should a mother’s womb welcome her baby’s doom?”

Jesus loves little hearts.

Jesus died for little hearts.

Who’s gonna love little hearts?

Shouldn’t you and I love little hearts?

©1989  Jimmy Davis


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