The Gospel Is A Complete, Whole View Of Life

“The gospel is not something partial or piecemeal: it takes in the whole life, the whole of history, the whole world. It tells us about the creation and the final judgment and everything in between. It is a complete, whole view of life, and many are unhappy in the Christian life because they have never realized that this way of life caters for the whole of man’s life and covers every eventuality in his experience. There is no aspect of life but that the gospel has something to say about it. The whole of life must come under its influence because it is all- inclusive; the gospel is meant to control and govern everything in our lives.”

-D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Spiritual Depression

[HT:  RUF@Alabama]


2 thoughts on “The Gospel Is A Complete, Whole View Of Life

  1. This is the crux of the matter Jimmy, too many Christians are compartmentalizing their faith. Worship is not just on Sundays at church, we should worship God 24/7 in our lives. We witness His power in our homes as we seek to raise our children in the way they should go, at the workplace as we are living testimonies to those around us. We have to live the Christian worldview not read about it. Is our Bible gathering dust and our prayer life stale and dull, WAKE UP O Christian, or the Lord will have to wake us up His way, and it always involves trials and suffering.

  2. The gospel has to be preached “complete”.
    This is the word God gave to me one day as I am preparing my topic to preach
    The reason why many Cristians are not that effective because of the failure on the part of the preacher in preaching excellently and completely.

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