Grace Is The Face That Love Wears

“Grace is nothing more or less than the face that love wears when it meets imperfection, weakness, failure, sin.  Grace is what love is and does when it meets the sinful and undeserving. It’s what enables us to see beyond one another’s faults so that we can love one another without reference to whether that love has been earned or deserved.  It’s what God does when He reaches out in love–sinful as we are–and welcomes us into a relationship with Himself.”

Joseph R. Cooke, Celebration of Grace, page 13.


4 thoughts on “Grace Is The Face That Love Wears

  1. Dear Sir,

    I saw your quote from Joseph R. Cooke: “Grace is nothing more . . .” I have been trying to locate the correct source for this quote. Do you have the book Celebration of Grace that you are using as the source on page 13? If you do, could I ask that you scan the page and send it to me? I would appreciate this so much.



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