Challenges And Characteristics Of A Christ-Revealing Church

My latest sermon, “Now In Flesh Appearing” is now online.

Here’s an excerpt:

Epiphany is the season in which the Church reminds itself that Jesus left us with the task of continuing the ministry of Jesus in the power of the Spirit.  As we saw last week, we are to give Jesus skin to the world around us.

Epiphany reminds us that Jesus said we are the light of world, that we are to live as a Christ-centered community on Christ’s mission to manifest Himself as Lord and Savior to all the world.  When the world looks at the church it should have an epiphany!

We are to continue Jesus’ mission to announce that God has come to earth, and that  He is “now in flesh appearing” as the people of Jesus flesh out what it means to make the invisible Kingdom of God visible “on earth as it is in heaven.”  By God’s grace we are to become a Christ-revealing church!


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