The Most Wonderful Time

Don’t you just hate to wait?  If you do, then you’re American through and through.  We Americans seem to have little patience for waiting.

  • Can you remember life without microwave ovens? We have acquired a distaste for delay.
  • Why waste all that time at the video store when you can get your movies “On Demand”?
  • At Sears the other day, their internet connection was extremely slow.  The girl said, “One of these days we’ll enter the twenty-first century!”  When was the last time you were frustrated by your “slow” fiber optic cable internet service?
  • Have you ever said, “I don’t have time to be sick!” A few years back Tylenol claimed that “pain is a waste of time” and now we’re quick to buy whichever product gives us quick relief.
  • And now even in the church we hate to wait.  On the way home from our Thanksgiving travels yesterday; I saw a huge banner on a church that boasted a new “30 Minute Worship Service” at 9 o’clock Sunday mornings!!  The service consists of 10 minutes of singing.  About 12 minutes of preaching.  And 5 minutes to respond with prayer and giving.  Essentially it’s Microwave Worship!!

As we approach the first of December we are fully immersed in a time of year that our culture calls the “Christmas rush,” a season of busyness that begins (have you noticed?) earlier every year (so much earlier that soon we really will be having “Christmas in July”).   A season that some say is “the most wonderful time of the year” finds us more impatient than ever.  For folks who can’t wait to get shopping there is Black Friday, the day when the stores open before your eyes do.

But, this is what happens when we live in the “story” that retailers and marketers are telling and selling.  The story they would have us believe in and live out is one that says that life is good when you can have what you want when you want it.

But we believe in and live out a different Story, don’t we?  The Story that God is telling in His Word is one that says life is good when God has what God wants when God wants it….

So begins my latest sermon, which can be found at


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