At The Intersection Of The Seen And The Unseen

Celtic Christians were very much aware of the intersections of worlds in which they lived: the world of men and culture, the world of creation, the unseen realm of saints and angels, the world of those who have gone before. They understood that they lived in all these worlds, and, in a very real sense, they understood and related their experiences in a way meant to communicate fullness of life in the will of God.

Today’s Christians are mostly aware of one world – the world of getting-and-spending. We have almost no vision of the unseen realm (although half our faith depends on this, Heb. 11.1), and we take the world of creation and culture for granted most of the time. Our sense of the past is not very lively, either.

So if our Christian lives don’t seem as interesting as Patrick’s or Coemgen’s, maybe that has something to do with how we view the world, which has something to do with how we understand our Lord Jesus and the salvation He has granted us by grace through faith.

~ T. M. Moore, “Intersections,” Crossfigell (October 5, 2009)

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