“Jesus Saved Me From My Sins” Is True, But Not The Whole Story

“Jesus’ preaching is much more centered on the kingdom, and the way of life consistent with it, than most current sermons, although he does continually stress the need for faith in his own power and authority.  The same is true of the preaching of the apostles in Acts.

The message that brings salvation to those that believe is that Jesus is the Messiah, the anointed king of Israel, and that he has been raised from the dead.

The connection between the ‘good news’ and the kingdom of God is obscured for Christians by the use of the Greek word Christ for Messiah throughout our translations of the New Testament.  Every time we come across the phrase ‘Jesus Christ,’ instead of hearing ‘Jesus, the king who was promised to Israel,’ all we hear is ‘Jesus’ followed by a meaningless syllable.

For most, probably, the phrase means ‘Jesus, who saves me from my sins.’  This is certainly true, but it falls far short of saying ‘Jesus, the ruler of a whole new order of life, who has delivered me so that I can be part of it.'”

~ Richard Lovelace, Renewal As A Way of Life, pp. 46- 47.

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