Is Sunday School A Failure?

Read “The Failure of Sunday School” by T. M. Moore over at his MyParuchia site, and let me know what you think.

Is Sunday School, as we know it, a failure?  What can/should we do differently?

Here’s an excerpt of T. M.’s brief article:

This is not to impugn the good intentions or earnest labors of [Sunday schools’] sponsors and teachers. It is, rather, to say that, when the Sunday schools moved from instruction for living to the mere impartation of Bible stories and fundamental morality, they lost touch with the lives of children, and have ever since failed to ensure a next generation of courageous, thoughtful, pious church leaders. Of course, there have been many successes. But given the large number of children enrolled in Sunday schools and the equally large number of youth who abandon their faith once they enter the university environment, we must admit that, for all our prayers and efforts, something has gone amiss.

Rest the rest of “The Failure of Sunday School.”

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