Top 20 Posts of 2008/2009

I started the version of The Cruciform Life Blog in August of 2008.  These are the Top 20 posts that have been viewed since that time.

Which ones have been your favorites?

1. About This Blog
2. Smiling Jesus
3. History of Salvation In The Old Testament
4. Twittering God’s Story
5. Fighting Porn and Sexual Lust
6. My Children: A Lenten Devotional
7. Preaching Christ (Clowney and Keller)
8. What is the Cruciform Life?
9. Garden of Gethsemane: His And Ours
10. Chuck Colson Wants You to be a 2009 Centurion

11. Be Still My Soul
12. Giving Up Your Children For Lent
13. Book Review: The Worship Hymnal
14. When You Walk Through The Fire
15. Bible Gateway’s Top 100 Bible Verses
16. Covenant Promises Through Christ’s Provision
17. Holy Communion (A Poem)
18. That He Might Destroy The Works Of The Devil
19. Bible Overview Resources
20. 2009 Centurions Program

One thought on “Top 20 Posts of 2008/2009

  1. My favorite post is not on the list: “Am I Enough For You, Thirsty One?”

    Next favorite, “Smiling Jesus” because it is amazing what children can teach us and of course “Walk Through Fire” because Christine has a powerful story.

    Thanks for sharing your Top 20.

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