Dentistry Is Ministry

from the dentist chairBridging Biblical Worldview and Work

I’m not sure if I’ve highlighted this interview/article I wrote for, so I thought I would draw your attention to it just in case you missed it.

In the article I interview my friend, Dr. Jim McKinney, about his vocational journey and the wisdom he’s gained along the way about  applying our biblical worldview to the work we do.

Here’s an excerpt from Jim, but please read the whole article.  I promise…it’s more fun than flossing.

Six years on staff at a large church made me very aware of the sharp distinction we tend to draw between the sacred and the secular, the separation between work and ministry. I became very aware of the need to give folks the permission, the calling, to see their work as a ministry no different than the church and missionary stuff we value so highly. To see they are one and the same in God’s eyes gives a radical new focus to life.

I believe the phrase “full-time ministry” as it is currently used should be struck from our vocabulary. It implies a sacred/secular separation that is not Biblical and ultimately diminishes the work that most of us engage in every day of our lives. All believers are in full-time ministry. It is not any more “full time” because we are supported by donors or paid by a nonprofit.

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