Why Adolescents Abandon Their Faith

I’ve just been called by the congregation at Metrocrest Presbyterian Church to be their new Associate Pastor of Youth and Discipleship, so the exodus of adolescents from the church is an important topic to me.

Anthony Bradley has begun a series of posts on this topic at WorldMag.com.  He lists several suggestions as to why teens leave the faith when they “graduate” from our youth ministries.  I’ll list several below, but be sure to read his posts and the thoughtful comments his readers have made.

  1. Victims of formulaic parenting.
  2. Confusing doctrinal and biblical knowledge with true spirituality.
  3. Controlling friendships out of fear.
  4. Christianity as a religion of “don’ts”.
  5. Unrepentant arrogance.
  6. Bible abuse.
  7. Criticizing “culture” and not living differently from it.
  8. Faith without struggle.
  9. Political Christianity.

Bradley gives a brief explanation of each of these, so be sure to read Part One and Part Two of his series.

Which of these reasons would you agree have hindered the next generation from sicking to the faith?  Which would you add to the list?

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