“Sin Makes You Stupid”

My Aunt Gwynne comments on Governor Sanford’s sin and ours:

In many ways we tolerate a graduated view of sin, judging some to be more lethal than others. While the scripture does warn of the unique damage of sexual sin we need to remember than every sin violates our relationship with God and leads us into greater self-deception.

A friend of mine, after deep repentance and finding forgiveness for a sin such as the Governor’s, made this succinct statement, “sin makes you stupid.”  This person went on to say that they could remember the day in which their heart turned away from following God and the end result was personal disaster. We see that same disaster all around us.

The apostle John calls us in I John 1 to acknowledge that we ourselves have sinned, confess our sins and take the cleansing offered by Jesus’ sacrifice.   “Big” sins (according to our scale) don’t just happen, but follow the “little” sins of neglect, apathy, and coldness of heart. It is tempting to judge the Governor with a wag of head and tongue and fail to let his sorrow be a warning to keep short accounts with God in our own lives.

Indeed, if the greatest commandment is to love God and then to love others, daily we violate that command by apathy and self centeredness.  Indeed, let us “take heed” lest we fall as well.

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