Defined By A Relationship With The Father

Jesus defines himself only in relationship with his heavenly Father. Adam and Eve began their quest for self-identity after the Fall.  Only after they acted independently of God did they have a sense of seperate self.  Because Jesus has no separate self, he has no identity crisis, no angst.  Consequently, he doesn’t try to “find himself.”  He knows himself only in relationship with his Father.  He can’t conceive of himself outside of that relationship.

Imagine asking Jesus how he’s doing.  He’d say, “My Father and I are doing great.  He has given me everything I need today.”  You respond, “I’m glad your Father is doing well, but let’s just focus on you for a minute.  Jesus, how are you doing?”  Jesus would look at you strangely, as if you were speaking a foreign language.  The question doesn’t make sense.  He simply can’t answer the question “How are you doing?” without including his heavenly Father.  That’s why contemplating the terror of the cross at Gethsemane was such an agony for Jesus.  He had never experienced a moment when he wasn’t in communion with his Father.  Jesus’ anquish is our normal.

His prayer life is an expression of his relationship with his Father.  He wants to be alone with the person he loves.”

~ Paul Miller in A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World (page 45)

3 thoughts on “Defined By A Relationship With The Father

  1. Jesus is our only saviour, He gaved His only life for us to wipe away our sins. That’s how Jesus follow what God want to happen and how their relationship is supreme.

  2. Glen, I haven’t finished the book, but what I’ve read I love. Yes, Paul is Jack’s son. Paul has also written “Love Walked Among Us” in which he examines how the gospels paint the picture of how Jesus loved people while he walked among us. Good stuff.

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