Life Day 2009

Twelve years ago today on June 19th 1997, my wife was severely burned in a kitchen grease fire.  She almost didn’t survive.

That night in the ER, I sat beside my wife’s gurney and noticed that she was working harder and harder to get her next breath.  I mentioned this to one of the nurses who quickly went into action.  “She needs to be intubated,” he said.  “She probably inhaled the flames at some point and her throat is swelling shut.”  I was quickly ushered out while the ER staff got to work.  Later, one of them told me that my wife’s windpipe was about ten minutes away from completely closing and cutting off her air supply.

I almost lost her twelve years ago tonight, but God in His mercy gave her life back to both of us.  So, now, every June 19th, our family celebrates Life Day.

The days leading up to the one year anniversary of the fire were tense.  Would June 19th always be a reminder of the worst day of our lives?  No, God gave us two more reasons to celebrate Life Day on June 19th.  Eleven years ago today on June 19th 1998, one year to the day that she was burned and I almost lost her, an ultrasound revealed that she was pregnant with our twins, Abi and Micah.  Almost four years later, their baby sister, Anna, joined the family.  Life Day 2002 was even sweeter with another little life to love.

We gave her a dozen roses today…one for every year we’ve been graciously given to continue to enjoy Christine’s life and the life she gives to us.

Here we are today, Life Day 2009Thanks be to God!!

Life Day 2009 (J and C) Life Day 2009 (Carolina Beach)

2 thoughts on “Life Day 2009

  1. Fantastic story out there. That’s why I always have a high faith in God that He’s always there for us and keeping us alive and shower all the blessings for us to reap, and all we have to do is to pray and keep in touch with Him up above.

  2. It is amazing to see how God keeps using Christine’s story; proclaiming His story of love and healing. What a great way to honor Christine. Thank you for sharing.

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