What In Heaven Is Jesus Doing In The World?

throneThrow away your WWJD bracelets and start asking this question:  What IS Jesus DOING?

The doctrine of the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ is not often taught in churches; as a result, it is not well understood. Yet this is one of the most important teachings of Scripture when it comes to living the Biblical worldview, because what the Lord Jesus is doing from heaven has profound ramifications for what we are doing on earth…

In this excellent series from last week’s ViewPoint (a daily column written by T. M. Moore for the Wilberforce Project of Chuck Colson’s BreakPoint ministry), T. M. mines the Scriptures and uncovers 7 projects that Jesus is personally and presently carrying out right now.

What in heaven is Jesus doing in the world?

The Scriptures make it very clear [that ]the ascended Lord Jesus Christ is very busy at the Father’s right hand, continuing His mighty work of redemption and restoration, carrying it forward, moment by moment, to the next stage of completion [by]…

  1. Upholding the universe and everything in it by the word of His power.
  2. Reconciling the world to Himself; first, by gathering His elect.
  3. Reconciling the world to Himself; second, by building His church.
  4. Reconciling the world to Himself: third, by advancing His rule on earth as it is in heaven.
  5. Judging the world; first, by restraining sin.
  6. Judging the world; second, by subduing His foes.
  7. Preparing a place for us.

Let this vision of what Jesus is up to permeate your imagination and empower your daily ministry.

For a free, downloadable PDF of this entire series (perfectly suited for a small group study or daily devotion), click HERE.  You can also subscribe to receive ViewPoint in your inbox or reader daily.

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