How A Pastor Transcends His Insecurities

I am constantly in the struggle perhaps you are in, one where I am forced to trust the work to other people. The real test for me is this: would I rejoice if the team got a church started before I arrived on the scene? Would I feel left out if they succeeded or failed without me?…I know I would probably struggle with it – unless God gave me a bigger vision of the kingdom and His working which helped me transcend both my insecurities and my need to be seen as a success. But there is a freedom given by the Spirit when I submit myself to the moving of the kingdom and see myself and others as partners and stewards in God’s success. In a nutshell, I must move by faith and not by fear, and certainly guard myself from feeling I need to prove myself or be in control.

Jack Miller in The Heart of a Servant Leader, p. 141.

[HT:  Dash House]

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