Wilberforce Forum On BlogTalk Radio


William Wilberforce

Bob Acuff along with T.M. Moore would like to announce the second Wilberforce Forum’s Blog Talk Radio broadcast.  This radio Forum will be Sunday, June 14 at 6pm EST.

You can listen live to Sunday’s radio forum program or come back later to download the completed show.

On the inaugural show many folks  joined the discussion at the Forum for an informative evening examining Intelligent Design with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer which can be listened to or downloaded here. We encourage you to utilize the Forum as a site for online learning by reviewing the upcoming programs and tuning in to Blog Talk radio on Sunday evening.

Our guest on this week’s Wilberforce Forum (June 14th, at 6 p.m. EST, on Blog Talk Radio), will be Nancy Fitzgerald, founder of Anchors Away Ministries.  Nancy has developed a curriculum entitled Anchorsaway that prepares high school seniors and college students to not only develop a Christian Worldview, but to live and defend it. Her book What God?: Finding Your Faith (2008) is not only a personal journey, but an account of the young men and women who have experienced the curriculum. It also gives a glimpse into their response in developing and exercising a Christian Worldview; some with much more success than others. Nancy is currently working to encourage and prepare youth pastors to equip themselves to teach Christian Worldview in the church, home and school setting.

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