Is Evangelizing Teenagers Abusive?

Michael Spencer believes that many in our culture will increasingly believe so…

…in the view of some people, evangelism of teenagers is abusive and unethical. Since I’m a preacher who preaches the Gospel to teenagers with an appeal for their conversion, I’m engaged in abusive behavior…

I can see that the handwriting is on the wall. Those who speak of Christ, even in a private school, are going to be labeled abusive. Those who seek for decisions from anyone under 18 are going to be called a child abuser. Ministries to young people will come under increased scrutiny for everything they do if their stated goal is to bring about conversion.

I’ve only given you the opening and conclusion of his post.  Read the rest HERE.

3 thoughts on “Is Evangelizing Teenagers Abusive?

  1. I totally understand the side that says it is abusive. I would not not use the word to describe the kind of “evangelizing” that this person seems to convey, however, I do believe that it can become abusive if it causes emotional harm, is deceptive, forceful, or manipulative. The problem with the argument is that abusive is a relative term of morality, and how do you gauge that when it comes to faith?

    That said, I do think it is insulting to say to someone, ” there is one way, and you are wrong. I am right.” I think people earn the right to be heard, therefore, I have an issue with evangelizing as a whole. Loving and evangelizing may be similar, but they are not the same. One can flow from the other, but if it is independent of love, evangelism will always be abusive.

    • Hey Jordyne, have you seen the video of the guy from Penn and Teller who, though he is admittedly an atheist, agrees that people who believe in eternal life should proselytize? I’ll try to find that and post it on the blog. There’s a follow up video, too.

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