Peoples, Places, Things :: Created, Corrupted, Redeemed

Because God created peoples, places, and things, and because sin has corrupted peoples, places, and things, God intends to redeem peoples, places, and things.  In Christ, God intends to redeem not only indviduals but also neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces.  He intends to redeem not only environmentalists but also the environment, not just lawyers but also the law, not simply government officials but also government itself (Isaiah 9:6-7).  His goal is to transform every cultural sphere, from art and education to commerce and communication–everything!  His mission is to redeem, renew, and regenerate all that is twisted and corrupt, broken and crusted over with sin…

God promises nothing short of total cosmic renewal.  Our confident anticipation of that renewal–our living hope of it–triggers and sustains our excitement and motivation for making a difference by living unfashionable lives.  It links us with something so grand and glorious that it easily exposes the flimsy lie behind mere fashionability.

~ Tullian Tchividjian in Unfashionable: Making A Difference in the World by Being Different, pp. 54-55.

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