The Bible: Family Scrapbook or Systematic Fact Book?

I’ve previously explored the question “Are we to read the Bible as a story or as a systematic theology?” in the following posts:

The Bible: Story or Systematic Theology?

More On The Bible As “A Narrative With Notes”

Today over at Transforming Sermons, Milton pointed out a similar observation made by Eddie Arthur:

Have you ever wondered why the Bible is the way it is? Why did God inspire a long narrative with lots of wandering and digression, rather than give us a easy-to-digest book of wise theological insights? The answer is that God does not want us only to know about Him.  If He did, He would have given us a systematic theology. He wants us to know Him, and so He tells us His story. Yes, the Bible does contain the odd list of facts about God, but for the most part it is quite simply God’s story.

It’s as if God was holding His photo album out to us and saying, ‘look this is what me and my friend Abraham did when he left his home in Ur’, ‘this is the time when Pharaoh thought he’d got the better of my friend Moses – but I showed him!’ And so it goes on, episode after episode, as God shows us His character through the way in which He interacts with people – good and bad. And then the story reaches a climax when God Himself takes on human form and walks on the earth – showing us what He is like in the most profound way possible.  [bold emphasis mine]

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