Unfashionably Cruciform

I’m working on a review of my friend Tullian’s new book Unfashionable: Making A Difference In The World By Being Different for the next issue of the Worldview Church eReport.  While reading, I ran across this great quote about being cruciform:

“…our King also happens to be the Great Evangelist, calling men and women to himself, setting them apart as ‘unfashionable,’ then sending them out into the world to make his invisible kingdom visible.  This happens as we, in and under the Holy Spirit’s power, live what one theologian calls ‘the cruciformed life’reaching up to God and reaching out to people so that our lives form the posture of the cross.

I remember hearing Tullian say this some time ago when we worked on the same church staff together.  What I now call The Cruciform Life, I used to call the “gospel-driven life.”  After hearing Tullian use the phrase “the cruciformed life” several years ago, I thought that being cruciform or “shaped by the cross into the shape of the cross” (my slogan) was a more fitting description of my understanding of the Christian life.

So, thanks Tullian for introducing me to a phrase I hadn’t heard before, but that perfectly described what I’ve been thinking about and trying to live for years.

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