Addicts To Self Don’t Make Good Disciples Of Jesus

[The real addiction] in everyone is always an addiction to self, to loving me or you or God for my sake…

Addiction to self is universal.  It’s the essence of sin.  As nothing else, it gets in the way of what God wants to do in us and through us.

Every person sitting in church is addicted to something other than God.  All Christians sitting in church, whether they know it or not, are fighting the battle of competing addictions.  And God wants to turn everyone sitting there into a mature disciple.

Now here’s the point of everything I’ve just said: addicts to self don’t make good disciples of Jesus. So if the church intends to cooperate with God’s plan, it needs to do whatever it can to free people from their addiction to self and hook them on God.

~ Larry Crabb in Real Church, page 90.

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