Awe or Apathy?

My Aunt Gwynne shares about something that the Spirit stirred in her on a recent trip to Europe (emphasis mine):

Recently visiting Europe and it’s many churches I was reminded again of the sober reality that God has no grandchildren. Richly beautiful cathedrals now attract crowds of admiring tourists rather than crowds of humble worshippers. Walking among the tourists, admiring the powerful art displaying biblical themes, my heart grieved for the lost awe of and growing apathy for God so prevalent in our 21st century culture.

Every historical fresco and tapestry shouted God’s central role in human life of their times. Bible stories in magnificent art communicate God’s involvement in human history. Government and kings bowed to the Eternal God. Were there abuses of that central role of religion? Did the same siren of power overcome those who were to shepherd the sheep of God? Absolutely. However, in reaction to those abuses have we simply erased God from His central and rightful place? How many modern tourists could even identify the biblical characters so artfully presented?

What can I do with this reality? I cannot change others, my call must be to better reflect His central and sovereign rule in my life. How can my 21st century life and yours call those we meet daily to put Him first?…

Read the rest at Gwynne’s blog.

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