Jesus Loves Me, This I Show

A couple of years ago I wrote a review of Richard Lovelace’s excellent book Renewal As A Way Of Life in which I said the following:

I used to believe that “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so” was a great summary of the Gospel, but after reading Renewal as a Way of Life by Richard Lovelace I’m not so sure. Don’t hit that mouse button too quickly, though. The reason for my change of mind should be clear by the end of this review…

[read the entire review here, or go on to my concluding remarks below]

Throughout the book Lovelace makes it clear that the Gospel is not merely about a “personal relationship with Jesus” but also about a transformed life that transforms other lives who together transform their world. Renewal as a Way of Life was written “as an antidote to egocentric spirituality,” and its author argues that we who continually respond to the Gospel by faith will not “attain the fullness of the Spirit without being turned inside out so that our central focus is no longer our own growth, but the glory of God and the growth of Christ’s kingdom” (page 10).

So, “Jesus loves me, this I know” is a critical component of spiritual renewal, but the song must not end with Jesus and me. True knowledge of and dependence on the love of Jesus as He is offered in the Gospel will also have us singing “Jesus loves me this I show.” Allow me to add a new verse to complete an old classic:

Jesus loves me this I show
When the Spirit overflows
Loving God and Loving Man
With my head, my heart, my hands

Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
My life is sure to show

Yes, Jesus loves me
The world will surely know.

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